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RiversurfingChinese DoglegRoaring Megs

Riversurfing - $219.00 including GST per person

Because we are licensed to operate on two sections of the river, we will choose between them (depending on water levels) to make sure we give you the best trip on the river for the conditions. As we have no control over the weather, we cannot promise we will be running a specific section at all times during the season.

Lower water section < 200 cms - Chinese Dog Leg - 8 km Section graded 2-4

Higher water section > 200 cms - Roaring Meg - 6 km Section graded 2-3 - run twice

We provide all equipment:
5mm full steam wetsuit, booties, helmet, life jacket and fins.
Photos and Video available for purchase after the trip.

What you need to bring:
Bring your swimmers, a towel and a sense of adventure!

4.5 hours return, with 1.5 – 2.5 hours on the river.

Twice daily November to March at 8:30am & 2:00pm
Once a day September, October April and May at 1.00pm

Queenstown pick-ups at 39 Shotover Street or from en-route accommodation with prior arrangement.

Minimum age is 10 years old.
Moderate level of fitness and water confidence required.
Everyone must be able to swim.

Chinese Dogleg - $219.00 including GST per person

Serious Fun is the only company to board the infamous Chinese Dogleg section. This section takes you through some of the most beautiful and enchanting scenery on the Kawarau River. The Trip is up to 2.5 hours on the water.

After an introduction in calm water on the basic riversurfing techniques we go around a couple of corners to come to our first rapid Smith Falls. This is an 80m long class 3 rapid where everybody gets their hair wet. Its also great opportunity to try your first barrel roll! After Smith Falls, the group will float through the ‘Pillars of the Kings’ from The Lord of the Rings. Next stop is the first commercial bungy jump of the world the historic Kawarau Bungy bridge. Here we stop for a rock jump and get a nice fish-eye view of the jumpers when we float underneath the bridge. Our next rapid is Twin Bridges, a small class 2 rapid where clients are given the chance to win beer vouchers.

A few hundred metres downstream and we come to Do Little Do Nothing, our main surfing rapid. We stop here for about 30 minutes and give everyone several chances to surf the wave. Once fully exhausted from the surfing, we have a 10 to 15 min break floating in the calm water before we come to our grand finale: the Chinese Dogleg rapid; New Zealand’s longest commercial rapid, 800m of whitewater!! The first 100m is class 4 whitewater followed by the 700m class 3 Puppy Leg rapid. Just a short float down and we exit the river at Rafter’s Road takeout.

Roaring Megs - $219.00 including GST per person

The Roaring Meg is a 6 km section of continuous whitewater, graded 2-3 because of its fast flowing, mind-blowing intensity. Is once not enough? We go and do the run again for free!

After an introduction in calm water on the basic riversurfing techniques we start our trip just below the power station at The Elbow. After meeting the river gods in the waves of The Gap we come to our first main rapid, Man Eater, named after the first big wave, which is the largest on the section!

The next rapid we come to is Rollercoaster, a 180 m long wave train graded class 3 whitewater, the perfect spot to try out your barrel rolls. Not too long to catch your breath cause the next rapid is not far away: Dead Cow. This rapid got its name from some kayakers who found a dead cow stuck on a rock. The cow is not there anymore but the name of the rapid has stuck. Dead Cow is the best place on the river to try some squirting (flying under water)- take a ride on the “Elevator to hell.” This squirt takes you down a couple of metres into the darkness before shooting you back up to daylight, all in a matter of seconds!

Just before the take out we offer you the chance to do a rock jump. Backflips and swan dives are encouraged! After this first training run, we take you back to the top, and sometimes a bit further, and take on the entire 6 km section all over again. Now that you know what to expect, you can try to catch every surfing wave, squirt and whirlpool you missed in the first run.



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